How to counter Arena 4 Decks

Slope up utilizing Elixir Collector and Goblin Hut, yet don’t use Hut until you see them pushing one side, and put the cottage on that path. The Hut will offer you some assistance with defending to pick up a solution advantage and in addition do light jab harm on their tower on the off chance that they get past. Use Baby Dragon/Musketeer/Valkyrie to shield with your tower so you get exceptionally good exchanges without fail.

Use Baby Dragon versus gatherings of adversaries or when all is said in done versus anything that isn’t a foe Musketeer. Use Musketeer against Baby Dragons and single-unit troops. Use Valkyrie against anything that is ground-based (non-flying).

Counter-Push by using your units that survived while safeguarding and placing tanks before them or harm behind them, while they are mixture starved in the wake of utilizing their solution to assault you.

what’s more, the best combo that is EXTREMELY difficult to stop: Giant + Valkyrie + Baby Dragon + Musketeer + (lance trolls from your Hut or ones you typically summon). You clearly won’t have ALL of these troops in the meantime, however you can continue summoning them while your underlying tank is deferring them and slowing down.

Keep in mind that while your tank is deferring them, your Hut is producing increasingly trolls that are stacking up right beside your Musketeer in the back. So regardless of the fact that you just have a little combo like Baby Dragon + Musketeer, the lance trolls rolling in from the Hut will be destroying and purchase you enough time to fortify your push with more tanks.

This Arena 4 Deck is about utilizing your slope (remedy and cottage) to set up future plays while you safeguard. When you effectively shield against your rival’s push, you utilize your surviving troops as energy, and continue pumping more troops into that push to acquire and more force, and don’t quit fortifying that push with more troops.

In a hefty portion of my diversions I would guard off their high-cost push (like a pig solidify push) and after that counter-push and execute their tower. I don’t stop when their tower is dead, I continue summoning increasingly and even summon Huts onto their side of the guide, and afterward soon their principle tower/stronghold is likewise dead.

This Arena 4 Deck is on the grounds that the energy you pick up is VERY snowbally in light of the amount of tank, AoE, and went DPS you have. When you have huge energy going ahead in one path not very many things can stop it.

Picking up control of the amusement against your weakest matchup: Hog + Freeze combo

Your hardest Arena 4 Deck matchup will be versus Hog+Freeze combo (since it’s fucking moronic how about we be genuine). The completely MOST essential thing you need to do when you see a Hog coming is to not summon troops close to the tower that the Hog is assaulting, or else the stop will solidify both the tower and you’re protecting troop. The most ideal approach to manage the Hog is to summon a Musketeer sufficiently far from your tower, yet sufficiently close to hit the Hog, furthermore Spear Goblins far from your Musketeer. That way he needs to decide to either solidify your tower or Musketeer or Goblins.

At that point a while later you can put a tank before the Musketeer and begin to counter-push off that since they simply burn through 8 mixture and won’t have much to safeguard with. Put a Giant before your surviving Musketeer, then a Valkyrie in the event that they don’t use flying units, or Baby Dragon on the off chance that they do. At that point continue including onto that with more troops recollecting to keep a tight harmony in the middle of Tank and Damage.

This Arena 4 Deck is extremely solid against Barbarians in light of the fact that both Baby Dragon and Valkyrie crush them, and you drop a musketeer behind them when the Barbs are dead and now you have a solid counter-push going, and you have force control of a push off of Arena 4 Deck in Clash Royale.

Best Arena 4 Deck I used to push to Arena 7

It is safe to say that you are worn out on going Arena 4 Deck in Clash Royale all the time and playing super moderate decks? Is it true that you are sick of cultivating mid-sections again and again so you can get that one uncommon or epic that will improve your deck as far as anyone knows? Hold up no more…this is the deck for you! (likewise effectively possible f2p)

This is the Arena 4 Deck I used to move to 2000+ trophies, and it is EXTREMELY effective for crown trophy chasing in light of the fact that I frequently 2-3 star with it, and recreations are never exhausting or protective situated. The deck comprises of flunkies, zap, bolts, aircraft, trolls, lance trolls, Giant Skeleton, and sovereign – 7 regular cards and 1 epic.

Here is the way I play it: I drop a pack of low remedy cost cards that the foe needs to manage (or endure a ton of harm to their towers), and as a result of this they once in a while have sufficient energy to set up a major push. While playing this deck, some of the time you must will to take harm to your towers with the information that you will return considerably more harm to their towers.


I usually use these combos

Trolls and lance trolls – likes 700-800 harm (at level 7) if dropped legitimately. Terrible news is in case you’re late on your drop significantly a second, your harm may just be 400. In the event that one of these cards is the following card coming up, you can in any case utilize this drop combo by dropping the main card marginally behind where you would typically drop it if both are up.

Skeleton and lance troll – same thing as some time recently, however bargains marginally less harm. Basically anything and skewer troll will do impressive measures of harm. Skele and cronies likewise work, however in the event that the foe has numerous air overwhelming troops, you might need to spare your flunkies.

Plane and ruler – this combo will take out a whole tower if not shielded. Aircraft will get out any foe low solution troop drops for you. I utilize this a great deal in pushing the inverse path while utilizing low solution troops to safeguard/slow down the adversary push on the other path. I additionally utilize it when I know the adversary has less remedy than me or if their great protection troops aren’t in their turn. On the off chance that they squander a lot of remedy, you can simply swap out aircraft for whatever other minimal effort troop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do bolts counter this deck? Not so much. Your revolutions are so quick their bolts won’t have the capacity to keep up. Likewise, on the off chance that you know they have bolts essentially drop troops in both paths, or snare out their bolts.

How to manage bomb towers? Utilize your followers – bomb towers don’t hit air troops. Additionally, you can occupy them on one side with Giant Skeleton and after that jab it down with lance gobs from the other side.

How to manage huge moderate pushes? Normally if the adversary drops like a monster and afterward 3 musketeers I don’t attempt and shield that. I just counter push the other path and once the adversary musketeers are bolted on my tower I will drop minimal effort troops to execute them. This is a typical system I utilize – hold up until the adversary troop is bolted onto my tower before I execute it – you will take harm to your tower yet it will be justified, despite all the trouble more often than not.

How to utilize destroy/bolts? I for the most part utilize destroy repulsively and bolts protectively, however there are times when I blend it up. Regardless of the fact that the adversary doesn’t drop any troops for you to zap, you can in any case now and then zap towers to give your sovereign 1 more hit which is similar to 300 harm (240+60).

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